I made up a story about a skeleton girl named Teresa.  She had an accident. She used to be an ordinary girl, but then the war came. And everything changed. What happened to Teresa? Would you like to know? I'm publishing my book on my Patreon. Subscribe and follow Teresa's fate. I also show stages of work, timelapses and sketches that won't make it into the book
That is, I write a book in real time and draw illustrations for it. If you'd like to read stories about Teresa and Pedro and see the illustrations before the book is printed, join my Patreon. I'll be happy to share the stories with you and maybe you can influence the course of the story
This is a little snippet to get a behind-the-scenes look at the behind-the-scenes of a digital illustrator's workshop
I draw a sketch on a large piece of paper. Then I take a photo of it and outline it on my iPad in the Procreate program. You can see the stages of coloring in this video.
I draw on my old iPad with the program Procreate. This program can only be installed on the iPad.  Its interface is simple. There is a standard set of brushes for graphics, sketches, to simulate watercolor, acrylic, oil. There is a set of brushes for creating effects.
I have bought several sets of watercolor brushes and use a limited set in my painting, which I collect in a separate folder for each book. These sets are similar. They are a few outlines for outlining - a rapitograph and a couple of texture pencils and a set of transparent watercolor brushes. There is also a blender brush that blends the "colors".
I don't use textured papers for illustrations because I don't know how it will look in print.
I made a video of me painting an illustration in line at a social center where Portuguese residents and emigrants get different services-social assistance, starting a business, paperwork. I need to open an actividade to run an illustrator's business. Two black moms with sleeping babies are sitting next to me, watching me draw a book for their children. My book has to be printed first, and the babies need to grow up because so far they are only interested in their mother's breasts.
My book about Teresa and Pedro is a story of emigration to another country. It is a story of people who care, of loss and meeting, of love and hope. It's my story.
I wrote it with a bit of humor and added a lot of warmth to my character.
I have prepared for you the sketches I drew for chapters 2, 3 and 4. I draw with a special two-color pencil. It's easier to distinguish the characters from the background

I am looking for a publisher for my book about Teresa and Pedro. If you can help me, please write me a letter. I'm very much looking forward to it.

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