This illustration took me two days of work. Where do I start?
1. Finding references for locations. These are photos of the train station, bus, suitcases, clothes for the characters. If I can't find a reference in Pinteres, I do the generation of the desired location in Midjourney or ChatGPT. As a reminder, subscriptions to these two resources cost $30 and $20 per month.
2. Finding references in my sketchbooks, of which I have over 20. I've done a lot of drawing while traveling and in my city while walking around.
3. Creating a sketch of the illustration on paper. I use A3 office or sketchbook paper and a double-sided red and blue pencil for sketching.
4. Creating a contour drawing in Procreate. I use the Rapitograph tool and make sure the outline is closed. Otherwise, filling in areas for coloring will get out of control.
5. Drawing details. This is drawing shadows, adding volume to the characters. Be sure to choose a light source. So that the shadows are on one side of the characters.
7. Correction. I set the illustration aside for an hour or two and don't look at it. Then I look at it again and analyze it. If I am confused or don't like something, I correct it, delete it, redraw it, or finish it.
The illustration is ready.
8. I save it to cloud storage in two formats: gpeg and psd (layer-by-layer drawing).
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