Meet the family of the toy rabbits! These are characters from the book “Just Enough” written by Rani Taylor from New York. The rabbits were drawn by illustrator from England Evgenia Malina.
To advertise the book on YouTube, Rani requested me to make an animated video about this book. I have 10 years of experience working in an animation studio as a production designer and 2D animator.
The duration of the video is 20 seconds. I was provided with an audio recording of Rani's voice. She talks about this book and the main character - Eleanor the Rabbit. First, I made an animatic - an animated storyboard in Adobe Premiere. It was approved.
Ranee Taylor TUST ENOUGH illustrated by Evgenia Malina
I drew the rough animation in Procreate on my iPad. Unfortunately, this program does not allow you to do multi-layer animation, because it is intended rather for drawing illustrations. Otherwise it is flawless.
I made a rough animation and exported it to Photoshop. In this program, you can assemble animation into layers and export video files of individual animation scenes to Adobe Premiere.
Separately, I created a 3D video of a rotating book in Adobe After Effects. And exported this video as a separate video to Adobe Premiere.
In Adobe Premiere, I compiled the animation into one video, combining it with sound and applying video and audio effects. This is what a finished animation video looks like for pre-production of a book on social networks.
I am grateful for the cooperation of Rani Taylor and Evgenia Malina. It was a huge joint project. This experience enriched me with new knowledge. The communication was pleasant and cheerful.
I'm interested in collaborating with book authors and publishing houses who want to promote books using animation. I'm creating a finished product for uploading to YouTube.
Additionally, I can use animation, combining it with videos to create advertising images on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you for watching.

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