I came up with the characters Teresa and Pedro when I arrived in Portugal a year ago. Over the year, I've drawn more than a hundred illustrations of Teresa. And I've created a new friend for them - a kitten named Nya. You can see him on the cover.
Initially, these were postcards about a skeleton girl and her cats. I released three sets of postcards. They were sent all around the world. And everyone who fell in love with Teresa started asking me to write a book about her.
I started writing the book. What is this book about? It's about my immigration to Portugal. However, I'm writing the book in the style of a fairy tale. It features fairy-tale characters, monsters, human-animals, and human-birds.
First, I make a sketch on paper. Then I outline it on my iPad in the Procreate program.
I publish a new chapter with illustrations every week on my Patreon. My subscribers are very supportive of me. And I know: no matter what happens to me, the book is open to you, dear readers. You can already read it and observe the process of its creation.

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